Exhibition Artspace in Glebe, Sydney.

Space 145 is a new exhibition space for hire in the heart of the lively community of Glebe, near Sydney Uni. Part of a small group of boutique shops including pubs, cafes and restaurants in St Johns Road, Space 145’s easy accessibility makes it an ideal venue to reach a culturally active and diverse audience.

The space is 62m2, a double-fronted Victorian terrace with high ceilings, polished concrete floors and two large display windows to the street. A hanging system and good lighting, together with some surfaces for object display, mean that it is both versatile and well-equipped for exhibitions of all types, from painting and photography through to objects and installation.

Space 145 issues an invitation to solo artists, artist groups, curators and makers of all descriptions to lease the space on a weekly self-managed basis. A unique opportunity to showcase your artwork in a vibrant location close to the city and university.

For further information, contact Space 145, or download the gallery plan or leasing Terms and Conditions.


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